smart siding for custom sheds in South Boston VA

Why Choose Smart Siding

Stop worrying about your siding. With the SmartGuard process, you can enjoy a durable exterior all year long – even during harsh weather conditions.

LP® SmartSide® products are designed for beauty and durability. They feature engineered wood strand technology that offers superior protection against hail, wind, moisture, fungal decay and termites.

Weather Resistant

Your exterior siding should last – regardless of the climate you live in. That’s why all LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products are engineered using our proprietary SmartGuard® manufacturing process. The process begins with quality wood strands or wood fibers.

Every inch is treated to the core with an advanced formula of waxes, adhesive resins and zinc borate applied before being bonded with a resin-saturated, water-resistant overlay. This helps the products resist termites and fungal decay, for long-term strength and durability in a variety of weather conditions.

SmartSide Siding

Affordable & Durable

All LP Smart Siding styles are manufactured with a mix of high-quality wood strands or wood fibers, which are then treated to the core before being bonded with a resin-saturated, water-resistant overlay.

They will never delaminate like treated plywood siding. The only maintenance these affordable products will need is an occasional wash with soap and water to remove dirt, then a repaint after 5-6 years.

LP SmartSide products are more resistant than fiber cement products to impact damage from common projectiles such as golf balls, baseballs, and rocks. A Golf Ball traveling at 63 miles per hour leaves no visible damage to the siding.