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The Bethel

High end storage for equipment, vehicles, and more

TruPoint Mercer Shed

The Mercer

The perfect solution for storing every garden tool.

6 Reasons to buy a shed

The Princeton

Outdoor offices, pool houses, or the ever-coveted she-shed.


The Larson

Great for small workshops and storage.

Need a few more choices?

Maybe you need a rugged outdoor building to store the lawn mower? Or maybe you need the perfect place to keep your boat. Either way, we have the solution.



All our sheds feature

  • Premium Construction
  • Customized Design
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
nuHaus Sheds

The truPoint Way

Our Promise

Most companies focus on making the most money with the cheapest product to build. They don’t center their mission around caring for their customers. Instead of following what most companies do, we make it our mission to give our customers the best experience in the industry. If you have any issues with your structure, please let us know and we will correct it. We love opportunities to show our customers that we are not your average shed company.

Premium Construction

Nobody makes sheds that last as long as we do. Where others simply use plywood for floors, we add seamless rubber that protects against rotting. Where they cut corners to save on lumber, we build our sheds for premium structural durability.

Customized Design

Between fair prices, personally customized design, and quick and easy installation, buying directly from the builder guarantees feeling fully satisfied with your decision.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Take whatever time you need to browse our shed lot. We are here to help you — not take advantage of you. Resolve any fears you have by asking all the questions you need to make the best decision for your backyard.