Whether it’s inside their house or in the backyard, most homeowners want more working area. Many families are missing out on the opportunity to create another room or two for their home with a wood shed.

A wood shed can be a fantastic living space. It may also be used to store extra items. Tool storage is another great use for a shed.

Wood shed designs are many, and add value to a property. Consider a wood shed if you want to create a spare room, a man cave, storage space, or a new entertainment area.

In this article, we’ll go over how to maintain your wood shed.

Treat it like any other space in your home.

There are many reasons you’ve built a separate room for storage. But you can’t let that make you forget about the wood shed itself. If at all possible, treat it like another room in your house and maintain it as such.

This means cleaning it and treating it as if it’s another piece of furniture. It also means caring for what’s inside your wood shed. Properly care for items that are sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity.

Clean the outside.

It’s easy to understand why someone might forget about their wood shed. It can be an added inconvenience if you have to go outside the house to access it. Yet this doesn’t mean that you should forget about your unit altogether. A simple walk-through each month or so will do wonders for the outside of the wood shed. After all, you won’t want it to deteriorate and become structurally unstable. Cleaning up leaves and debris in the area is a great way to start off this maintenance routine.

Create monthly checklists to ensure proper care.

You’ll want to create specific monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly checklists. For the outside maintenance, this will be simple enough. Some people might choose to mow their lawn or tend to other plants in the area to keep everything tidy. Going inside the wood shed is where things get more complicated. Having a checklist that lists each item in the shed and how often it should be maintained will go a long way. This can also be a spreadsheet so you remain organized during the process.

These are three tips to care for your wood shed. There are other ways to maintain this extra space, but these can get you started on the right foot. This can also give you an idea how much work goes into keeping this space functional and useful for years to come.

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