It’s not enough to think of a shed as merely a place for your tools and whatnot. Sheds can indeed be used to store all kinds of things, designed primarily for that. However, a shed can also be much more.

A shed can be a beautiful centerpiece for your property or an inspiring focus in your backyard. A creative approach can turn a simple storage building into a complex masterpiece.

Here are four ideas for well-designed, multi-purpose unique sheds:

1. The Pavilion Shed

The pavilion shed is a custom-designed, modern structure big enough to be a guest house, art studio, or even a home office. This shed style has a gabled roof, and the pavilion covers the entire building in one sweeping, arched style. 

The interior space is large, allowing for a variety of uses. The most common style is the teardrop shape, with the long leg corresponding to the gable and the shorter leg corresponding to the roofline. This roof shape can be found in many buildings, such as barns, churches, and even homes.

This shed comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors, with dark grey or brown being the most frequent. Simpler designs are more versatile. Simplicity fits practically every terrain, no matter how little. You can choose more decorative colors and forms if you wish.

2. The Loft

This type of shed roof is designed to be a great space for whatever you want to use it for. The loft would typically have windows, allowing extra natural light and offering beautiful views of your property.

It is a fantastic place to sit and read a book in the morning, enjoy a meal with family, or take in the beauty of nature, whether you are using the shed as an art studio, guest house, workshop, or as your own home office.

This shed style is perfect if you have multiple areas of use in your shed. It is also an ideal design for anyone that loves to garden or has a passion for nature. The loft creates a private, serene space for yourself, friends, and family to enjoy.

3. The Modern Cabin

The modern cabin has the most classic, “rustic” look of those on this list. It features a one-story profile with pyramidal or gable roofs and no windows. This type of shed is the most common artificial structure found in the wilderness that blends perfectly with nature.

A manufactured structure should be a complement to, rather than a distraction from, the natural beauty around you. This style embodies the wilderness qualities while still providing a cozy home. If you’re a nature-lover who enjoys the great outdoors, this shed is perfect for you.

4. The Modular Shed

The modular shed is also called a Beehive Shed. It is very open, with no walls other than the roof. It provides a lot of extra living space while still providing the necessities you need for your shed. It’s perfect for someone who needs extra storage space and a lot of extra space for entertaining.

This type of shed is one of the most versatile, allowing you to choose your own custom design and plan. You get to work with the experts to design a shed that fits your needs and style. You can also choose your own color, and there are many options available.


Let these shed designs inspire you to take a fresh look at your shed and see it in a new light. You will see it not just as a place to stow your tools and other belongings but as a living space that can contribute to your family or business.

If you are thinking of building a shed and exploring some new ideas, these examples are great places to start.

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