Is it better to build an attached garage or a detached one from an Amish shed? For most homeowners the decision is a simple one.

But for others, the decision is not so easy. Some people bite the bullet and have a garage built next to their house but later wish they hadn’t. A detached garage lets you park your car out of sight. It also leaves you with extra space in your yard.

Consider these questions before making a decision.

What is the Purpose of the Garage?

Some garages are more than places to park your car. Many homeowners park their vehicles outside and use their garage space for storage. If you need a place to store your stuff, you may want to consider a detached garage. With a detached garage, you won’t be limited to storing your belongings in the same place as you park your car.

What Are the Comparative Costs?

If you are using a contractor to build your garage, a detached on-site garage will be much less expensive than an attached garage. You will come out ahead if you compare the cost of a prefab garage with the cost of having an on-site garage built.

Will It Fit Your Property?

There are as many opinions as car garages; however, you need to decide based on what you need. Some homeowners cannot have attached garages because of local zoning issues. Others prefer the look of detached garages over having an attached garage sticking out of their house. Do you have an extended, narrow property or is your house already close to the property line? An Amish-shed-turned-detached garage is perfect for you.

An attached garage may look out of place if you have an older home. It’s hard to make a new attached garage blend in with your existing home. A detached garage is more aesthetically pleasing.

The Benefits of a Detached Garage

There are other benefits of a detached garage.

There is the benefit of flexibility. Do you need a detached garage because you’re running out of storage space or need an extra work and hobby area? A TruPoint shed is the solution you’re looking for.

Lower costs and payments are another plus. If you haven’t checked out garage kits from your local Amish shed provider, it’s time to visit! We use quality materials, modern tools and equipment, and attention to detail to provide an economical garage solution.

Also, property values are lower for a detached garage. Lower property values equal lower taxes.

One of the most significant differences is the cost of homeowners’ insurance. Homeowners’ insurance charges less for detached garages because fire risk is statistically lower. This saves a lot of money!

Installation is quick and organized. You’ll go from sawdust to peace and quiet in a few hours. Order a detached garage, and watch our crew take care of the rest as fast as possible on your property.

In Conclusion

Installing a detached garage is more accessible than adding one to your existing house. There are fewer hassles and fewer costs. And there is more room for the contractor to fulfill your requirements! Order TruPoint sheds from legitimate builders, so the quality is top-notch!

Get an Amish shed for your next garage project from truPoint Backyards! We build superior sheds customized to your needs and provide you with the best buying experience in the industry. Get your free quote from us today!

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