Free installation

Hassle-Free Installation

We calculate installation fees based on the site preparation required and the mileage to the location. truPoint personnel always do all our installs on-site.

Delivery Process

Installing the Shed


One of our staff will contact you when the shed is ready for installation. No matter what kind of shed you've purchased, we will call you to arrange delivery. You don't need to worry about contacting us.

Here are a few reminders:

• Custom orders take 3-4 weeks to build.

• Your truPoint delivery driver will call you and let you know the ETA on installation day.

• Please be at the location when your shed arrives. If you can't be there, we ask that you clearly mark where the shed should be placed.


Preparing the Site

Proper site preparation is crucial for your building. Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting the site ready:

    1. Create a level area for the shed to be placed.
    2. Many customers choose to block up their sheds to give added support while keeping it off the ground. If you choose this route, the blocks should be no higher than 30″ off the level ground.
    3. Clear a path to the site for the delivery driver that is a minimum of 2 feet wider than your shed and at least 14 feet high.