A shed from truPoint Backyards is a sound investment into the overall value of your property. Sheds add
storage space and are an attractive piece when it comes time to sell your house because of how
versatile sheds are. What is a storage shed for you could be used as a studio, home office, or an area for
relaxation and recreation for someone else.

And if you want to spruce up the area around your shed to increase the value of your property
even further, consider adding landscaping around the structure.

To give you some inspiration, truPoint Backyards has four landscaping ideas for you.


Landscaping pavers can create a perfect path from either the driveway or the back porch of your home, allowing you
to access your shed without having to walk in the grass, which is especially useful in wet weather, as you
would be able to avoid potentially slipping in the grass or tracking dirt and mud into the shed or house.
In addition to this practical purpose, pavers come in many different styles and add a great visual touch.

Window Flower Boxes

If you choose a shed with windows, you can add flower boxes to place beneath the windows.
These are easy to install, easy to maintain, and add both color and a touch of home to the shed itself.

Decorate for the Holidays

Adding flags for patriotic holidays, pumpkins for the fall season (which look great when complementing
a natural setting), and lights and other decorations for the winter holidays. You can also rotate plants
associated with each season, giving the landscaping a fresh look year-round.

Treat the Shed’s Entrance as Another Front Door

If you enjoy landscaping, you probably have some nice features leading up to the front of your house.
This can include flower beds, bushes, and rock-lined paths. If you have a garden, working that in on
either or both sides of the pathway leading up to your shed is a great way to add visibility to your
garden. You can even raise the garden to create a more defined path and give the walkway a more
enclosed feeling.

If these ideas have inspired you and you would like to make a shed from truPoint Backyards part of your
property, we invite you to contact us to see for yourself how truPoint Backyards is truly the best of the
best. We take care of you before, during, and after your shed-buying experience!

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